Saturday, February 7, 2009


Someone asked me recently if MeMaw was my real name, LOL! Well, when I first started blogging I thought my grandchildren would be the only ones to ever see my blog. But I've made a few sweet friends along the way and I wanted to let them know what my name is!

Blessings ya'll!


Susan said...

Hi Debra, my name is Susan and I'm so very happy to meet YOU.

jennifer said...

Nice to meet you!!

Simply_Pam said...

I am a mamaw.. and I don't think my grand kids know I have another name other then mom. I'm ok with that as I am their only "Mamaw" the other grand parents go by other names.. so that make me special in my own mind ! lol

Polly & Steve said...

Great name! Glad to be your friend!